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DiSSCo offering two job opprtounities. Apply until 15 January 2019!

DiSSCo is looking for two people to strengthen the DiSSC coordination office. Both positions are full time and will be located at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, NL:

DiSSCo - Innovation Project Manager

The Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) is a new pan-European Research Infrastructure (RI) with the vision to place European natural science collections at the centre of data-intensive scientific excellence and innovation for taxonomic and environmental research, food security, health, and the bioeconomy. DiSSCo brings together 115 museums across 21 European countries to unify and serve genomic, geographical, morphological and taxonomic knowledge for the 1.5 billion physical objects held in European collections. The new RI introduces a step change by massively improving the way scientists discover, access and analyse complex and previously disjoined information deriving from the study of the vast European natural science collections. DiSSCo embarks on a complex preparation and construction programme. The programme is executed through a series of innovation, consolidation and construction projects across multiple European stakeholders.

Naturalis is spearheading the coordination of DiSSCo, with a dedicated to international biodiversity infrastructures department. The department undertakes a series of other infrastructure innovation projects and aims to lead internationally in the area of biodiversity digital science and infrastructures.  

What will you do?

As part of your responsibilities your role will include the following functions:

  1. Formally manage the implementation of multi-million, multi-partner international project(s), using efficient project management tools and procedures, ensuring the communication with and between partners, contributing to the alignment of projects according to the wider DiSSCo strategy and invoking risk mitigation procedures when necessary;

  2. Come up with and develop new ideas that could lead to the novel partnerships (incl. with other Research Infrastructures, technical partners and the industry) towards submitting funding proposals under the umbrella of the DiSSCo preparation and construction programme;

  3. Follow closely infrastructure, policy and wider technological advances in wider community, including natural sciences and biodiversity & geodiversity data management practices and collections digitisation;

  4. Represent DiSSCo and actively participate in major stakeholders’ forums, including RDA, TDWG, GBIF, CoL and others as well as workshops and international meetings;

  5. Work closely with the participation and engagement officers in the DiSSCo office contributing to the development of ideas for national and European funding proposals.

This is a key position to the future development of the DiSSCo Research Infrastructure.As a project manager, you will be also called to manage and contribute intellectually to DiSSCo-linked projects and especially the DiSSCo preparatory phase project (expected to start late 2019). As an innovation manager you will be acting in capacity that includes the roles of an idea finder and manager, innovation scout and funding manager.

For more information, see the full job posting here.

DiSSCo Data Architect and technology Officer

DiSSCo also looks for a Data Architect & Technology Officee for its Coordination Office. Both positions will be located in Leiden, NL and are for 36h/week (ful ltime).

What will you do?

As part of your responsibilities your role will include the following functions:

  1. Working closely together with the international research community to design infrastructure and data services that fit real science needs, and are cutting-edge in the global research infrastructure landscape;

  2. Guiding the implementation of ELViS and other e-services in close collaboration with industry partners, international organisations and research infrastructure providers;

  3. Comparing technology solutions and take technical decisions in projects that will entail the DiSSCo construction programme;

  4. Designing and detailing the technical roadmap that will enable DiSSCo to become fully operational in 2025 and will link and provide access to all data related to the approx.1.5 billion collection objects in Europe stored in hundreds of currently disconnected collections with a user base of approx. 20,000 researchers;

  5. Providing novel technical ideas and advise as part of the small and focused international team responsible for development of DiSSco;

  6. Translating complex technical architecture in easy to understand graphics and documentation for the collection and research community users and implementers;

  7. Representing DiSSCo and actively advocating and positioning the DiSSCo data architecture at the forefront of novel data architecture in international workshops and meetings;

This is a key position to the future development of the DiSSCo Research Infrastructure. You will be responsible for designing, documenting and deploying the DiSSCo data architecture and for coordinating, planning and guiding the technical development. As a data architect, you will be also called to contribute intellectually and provide technical leadership to DiSSCo-linked projects.

For more information, see the full job posting here.


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