ICEDIG at Global Biodiversity Informatics Conference


The 2nd Global Biodiversity Informatics Conference (GBIC2), held from 24-27 July in Copenhagen, Denmark, assembled a broad group of stakeholders, several ICEDIG representatives among them, in a follow up conference to the first GBIC held in the same city five years ago. As a result of that first meeting, the Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook (GBIO) had been published and was used here as the framework under which attendees explored the possibilities of better aligning the efforts and interests of all biodiversity research communities and infrastructures. The attendees reached consensus for establishing a lightweight international alliance, open to everybody with an interest in improving availability and quality of biodiversity knowledge. 

"Attendees assigned GBIF the task of facilitating the next stages in this process and identified several next steps:

  1. Publicize and promote the vision for this alliance in major languages to as many stakeholder communities as possible, supported by relevant forums for the community to advance further discussions and planning
  2. Begin a process to collect a set of defining questions and use cases we hope to be able to address through the alliance—and the combined capabilities we need to deliver them over the next five to ten years
  3. Plan and develop a high-level landscape view of the major initiatives within biodiversity informatics and the relationships between their current missions and work programmes
  4. Conduct a detailed exploration of how to apply models drawn from the Apache Software Foundation and similar open-source software and open science initiatives to support open and equitable multi-stakeholder planning and delivery
  5. Identify a set of initial collaboration areas to act as proofs of concept for how an international-scale community-driven incubator model can address shared challenges to develop or maintain interoperable components of biodiversity knowledge infrastructures"


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