ICEDIG Kickoff Meeting held in Montpellier


With the ICEDIG project now making its first steps as a Horizon 2020 initiative, the partners of the project have come together in Montpellier, France for the official Kick-Off Meeting (15-16 January 2018), hosted by CINES and Picturae. Starting in January 2018, ICEDIG is CETAF’s latest flagship project in which it is collaborating with partners from both natural science institutions and industry to design the plans for structural innovations in the mass digitisation of our natural heritage across Europe. 

The meeting provided the partners with the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with the work programme of the project, as well as creating a common vision of the general objectives in the way that it translates into a sustainable outcome. During the meeting, project details and task challenges were also presented and discussed in-depth as to cover various aspects of ICEDIG that the partners are assigned to via the different work packages. CETAF itself is involved in the project as work package leader for all matters of communication and dissemination as to ensure that external audiences are well aware of the efforts being made within the project, and to involve the community of collection holders and users, as well as other stakeholders, in the process of the project.

The project will run for a period of three years and is coordinated by the University of Helsinki. Online reference platforms, such as the official ICEDIG website and social media channels, will be available soon. 

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