ICEDIG at Time Machine Conference


ICEDIG was represented by our partner Picturae at the Time Machine Conference 2019 in Dresden, Germany on 10-11 October 2019.

The Time Machine Project brings together research teams from all over Europe with a participation of about 400 organizations from 34 countries. The goal of this consortium is to develop new technologies for the scanning, analyzing, accessing, preserving and communicating of cultural heritage at a massive scale. Data extracted from this digital patrimony are the basis for the reconstruction of the historical evolution of European cities and the manifold relationships between these cultural nodes.

During the Conference in Dresden ICEDIG and Time Machine partner Picturae was presenting the ambitions of the ICEDIG project. The link between natural and cultural heritage is highly relevant to ICEDIG and DiSSCo as both domains at least partially overlap. We will look further into this link with our upcoming task "Linking cultural heritage of natural sciences and humanities".

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