ICEDIG’s second All Hands Meeting at the Botanical Garden Meise (4-6 December 2018).


ICEDIG’s second All Hands Meeting kicked off at the Botanical Garden Meise on the 4th of December 2018. The Castle of Bouchout, situated inside the walls of the Botanical Gardens Domain forms the inspiring venue for three days of intensive work for the project partners. The first day of the meeting was comprised of the ICEDIG General Assembly and the External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) meeting, chaired by project coordinator Leif Schulman.

The All Hands Meeting was the perfect opportunity to gather expertise, align visions, stimulate new ideas, and harmonise the efforts towards the development of the DiSSCo Research Infrastructure.

In parallel, the other ICEDIG partners had the opportunity to participate in a guided visit of the digitisation infrastructure of the Botanical Gardens and openly shared their experiences with data capture, handling, quality checking and management.

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