Below you can find a list of all public deliverables due to be submitted under the ICEDIG project. They will be made available here once they are published. The ICEDIG deliverables and associated project publications can also be publicly accessed on ZENODO and RESEARCHGATE

ICEDIG Deliverables
Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Date of delivery DOI
D1.2 Final report April 2020
D2.1 Inventory of criteria for prioritization of digitisation of collections focussed on scientific and societal needs July 2018
D2.2 Prioritizing scientific and societal needs for data using small and private collections, Appendix 2, Appendix 5 October 2018
D2.3 Design of a collection digitisation dashboard March 2019
D3.1 Quality management methodologies for digitisation operations April 2019
D3.2 State of the art and perspectives on mass imaging of microscopic and other slides April 2019
D3.3 State of the art and perspectives on mass imaging of skins and other vertebrate material May 2019
D3.4 State of the art and perspectives on mass imaging of liquid samples June 2019
D3.5 State of the art and perspectives on mass imaging of pinned insects July 2019
D3.6 Best practice guidelines for bulk imaging of herbarium specimens August 2019
D3.7 Rapid 3D capture methods in biological collections and related fields September 2019
D3.8 R&D in robotics with potential to automating handling of biological collections January 2020
D4.1 Methods for automated text digitisation January 2019
D4.2 Data quality in transcription January 2019
D4.3 Data standards in transcription July 2019
D4.4 Interoperability with institutional collection management systems April 2019
D4.5 Cost analysis of transcription methods December 2019


D5.1 Recommendations for volunteer transcription systems and a source repository April 2019
D5.2 Improving the detection of collection-based citizen science projects May 2019
D5.3 Natural history collections and digital skills of citizens June 2019
D5.4 Digitisation of private collections January 2020

D6.1 Data management plan of the ICEDIG project March 2018
D6.2 ICEDIG digitisation infrastructure design for EUDAT/CINES February 2019
D6.3 Digitisation infrastructure design for Zenodo July 2019
D6.4 Digitisation infrastructure design for national open science clouds August 2019
D6.5 Open access implementation guidelines for DiSSCo September 2019
D6.6 Provisional Data Management Plan for the DiSSCo infrastructure October 2019
D7.1 Policy component of ICEDIG project website July 2019
D7.2 Common digital research agenda February 2020  
D8.1 Conceptual design blueprint for the digitisation infrastructure of DiSSCo March 2020
D8.2 Cost Book of the digitisation infrastructure of DiSSCo March 2020  
D9.1 Communication and dissemination plan March 2018
D9.2 Linking cultural heritage of natural sciences and humanities February 2020
D9.3 Stakeholder Roundtables January 2020

D9.4 Positioning DiSSCo among other research infrastructures January 2020