Policy Analysis Methodology Policy Data, Descriptions & Insights

One of the aims of ICEDIG is to consolidate and harmonise national and European policy frameworks relevant to natural history collections. The information presented here is the result of a survey and analysis carried out on six ICEDIG partners, which successfully identified relevant policy areas, commonalities between institutions, and current strengths and weaknesses.

The survey data has been integrated into a series of visualisations, available in the dashboard below. These have been designed to demonstrate coverage of policies across institutions, policy completion status, and levels of confidentiality. These visualisations will be updated as and when further analyses are carried out.

The results of this survey have been anonymised, however a selection of relevant policy documents will be available to download, with the intention that these will aid other institutions in aligning their policies and strategies with the natural history collections landscape.

Policy Dashboard

Navigation between pages is via arrows and text below the centre of the dashboard. Visualisations can be viewed in full screen by clicking on the double-headed arrow symbol to the bottom right.