Policy Analysis Methodology Policy Data, Descriptions & Insights

To date, the survey has been completed by six ICEDIG partner institutions. It is intended that this will be expanded in the future to more participants within and outside of the project consortium. Existing data may also be updated where applicable.

The policies examined have been assigned to three broad categories:

  • Data management
  • IT strategy and policy
  • Collections strategy and management

A list of policy subjects within each category was identified, and a further set of key components was defined through a review of documents provided by the NHM London and discussion with relevant stakeholders. This provided an initial structure with scope for expansion once documentation from all participants had been reviewed.

To allow quantitative comparisons between institutions, and to allow the questionnaire to scale up to wider participation, responses to the more granular components were restricted to either a yes/no flag, or a value from a controlled list. Policies were received in a range of languages including English, Dutch, French and Estonian. In some cases documents were interpreted using Google Translate. The possibility for interpretation errors should therefore be noted.

The following documents provide further methodological information:

Future Developments

The results from this work will be further developed under another DiSSCo-linked project, SYNTHESYS+ (Synthesis of Systematic Resources). Work under the Networking Activities will seek to streamline and simplify communication around policy requirements and best practices, and guidance will be developed on implementing policy mandates within institutions. Policies relating to digitisation and access will also be harmonised in relation to DiSSCo and other EU frameworks. More information about SYNTHESYS+ can be found on the project website.