• 4 December 2018

    ICEDIG’s second All Hands Meeting at the Botanical Garden Meise (4-6 December 2018).

    ICEDIG’s second All Hands Meeting kicked off at the Botanical Garden Meise on the 4th of December 2018. The Castle of Bouchout, situated inside the walls of the Botanical Gardens Domain forms the inspiring venue for three days of intensive work for the project partners. The first day of the meeting was comprised of the ICEDIG General Assembly and the External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) meeting, chaired by project coordinator Leif Schulman.

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  • 26 November 2018

    First Transnational Access Call Of SYNTHESYS+ Project to be launched

    The fourth iteration of the SYNTHESYS projects is set to start on February 1st 2019, this time with CETAF as a partner. One key component of the projects was the provision of transnational access to natural history collections. This has not changed with the new project, SYNTHESYS+. Along with the start of the project the first call for physical access will be launched as well on 1 February 2019.

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  • 19 November 2018

    3D digitisation pilots – Call for proposals

    The ICEDIG project seeks for novel ways to speed up digitisation. Pinned insects are a particular challenge, as they are essentially 3-dimensional objects, considering the fact that also their associated labels need to be digitised. The project has scoped six experiments that could possibly lead to innovations in speeding up insect digitization. These are described in the below document MS11. The project now seeks subcontractors to build prototypes of these and other potential approaches.

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  • 5 November 2018

    Biodiversity_next: Call for symposia, workshops & events

    The 2019 open digital science week on biological and geological diversity, biodiversity_next, is calling for symposia, workshops & events. 

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  • 17 October 2018

    Results of ICEDIG project tasks are openly available on ResearchGate and Zenodo

    ICEDIG promotes innovation and consolidation in digitisation of Natural History Collections by making its project results openly available for all interested readers. We are fully committed to open access sharing of science results

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