• 17 October 2018

    Results of ICEDIG project tasks are openly available on ResearchGate and Zenodo

    ICEDIG promotes innovation and consolidation in digitisation of Natural History Collections by making its project results openly available for all interested readers. We are fully committed to open access sharing of science results

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  • Dimitris Koureas presenting DiSSCo RI at ESFRI launch ceremony

    11 September 2018

    DiSSCo presented at ESFRI launch ceremony in Vienna

    On Tuesday 11 September ESFRI officially introduced DiSSCo on the 2018 European roadmap as a priority Research Infrastructure during the Launch Ceremony at the Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna. This is a huge milestone for European natural science Collections as the ESFRI Roadmap identifies new Research Infrastructures (RI) of pan-European interest corresponding to the long term needs of the European research communities.

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  • 1 September 2018

    ICEDIG second Round Table meeting: From Analogue to Digital

    The second of seven Roundtable meetings hosted within the ICEDIG project was held on Saturday, 22 September 2018 and was part of the Joint Annual Meeting of the Society for Preservation of Natural History Collections and the Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) organization. This Round Table meeting entitled “Analogue 2 digital: faster better cheaper” gathered attendees from museums, herbaria, universities and other organizations concerned with biodiversity research, data management and monitoring.

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  • 30 July 2018

    ICEDIG at Global Biodiversity Informatics Conference

    The 2nd Global Biodiversity Informatics Conference (GBIC2), held from 24-27 July in Copenhagen, Denmark, assembled a broad group of stakeholders, several ICEDIG representatives among them, in a follow up conference to the first GBIC held in the same city five years ago.

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  • Logo_DiSSCo

    29 June 2018

    DiSSCo Accepted on ESFRI Roadmap

    Late on Friday (29/06) afternoon the ICEDIG consortium received the great news that ESFRI has formally accepted the DiSSCo initiative - for which ICEDIG is a design study - on its 2018 roadmap update, making European Natural Science Collection a recognised priority research infrastructure, supporting scientific excellence and innovation towards urgent societal challenges.

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